Virtual Consultations

• Have you always managed your skin and its care, but often considered professional assistance?
• Have you had actual skin challenges that you were unsure of how to handle?
• Do you have products or buy products that you are unsure will work/ are working for you?
• Have you just wanted to reassure yourself that what you are doing for your skin is “right”?
• Have you wanted to have an informative conversation about skincare without having to go to a spa?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, an Aesthetic Resources Virtual Consultation will be perfect for you!  Click here and let's get started!

Or Maybe…………
• You always wanted to speak with a skin care professional, but never took the time to.
• You have had an extreme change in your skin.
• You are wondering what you can do to make your skin better.
• You want to know if the products you have are working or how/when to use them.
• You want your skin to be healthy and have a healthier appearance.

If any of these apply to you, a Virtual Consultation would be perfect for you!  Let's do it!

Our Virtual Consultation provides you with a thorough, one-on-one interaction with one of the top aestheticians in the country. With 30+ years as an aesthetician, aesthetics educator, and researcher, you will receive some of the most up to date information on products, services, and solutions.

You will take away a sense of aesthetic empowerment based on what is specifically right for YOU!

Your Consultation Includes:
1. The “Assessment”
The questions that we go over to discuss your current care and determine what your skin care goals and objectives are.

2. The “ID” 
We identify challenges and concerns that you may have with your skin; then we discuss solutions.

3. The Action Plan
We work on a plan of execution that will include product recommendations and a regime that can generate the outcome you are looking for.

How does it work?
*Schedule your appointment now for either a telephone or Skype consultation.
*Answer specific questions to create a personal profile and make proper assessments.
*A virtual “analysis” is made based on your profile, assessments, and all collected information.
*Suggestions and directives will be made based on all information and considerations related to your skin type and condition.